This Remote Township. A Story of Changing Times in the Derbyshire
Hamlets of Nether, Middle and West Handley...

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The Handleys are tucked away in the north east corner of Derbyshire. Most people have never heard of them but those who know them hold them in great affection. The book concentrates on the past 200 years but traces a path from 1000 a.d. to set the scene for the main story.

There are plenty of surprises along the way. A former coachman of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia lived there once. It has connections with St John's College Cambridge and the Indian Mutiny. There are many buildings of historical and architectural importance and it has its fair share of ghosts.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants have adapted to upheavals in farming and coal-mining as successive waves of change have swept through the countryside.

Maureen Lyon


For those of you who have ancestors in the Handleys as I do this is one book you may want to have in your library.

It has been written by a couple of ladies, Maureen Lyon and Beth Shaw, whom I have got to know quite well and I appreciate their dedication to such a wonderful project.



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